“Two are better than one.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

We believe that marriage is a covenant entered into by two people who truly love each other. As such, we welcome the opportunity to help all couples fulfill their wishes to become married.

Our warmest congratulations and God’s blessings upon your engagement and upcoming wedding!

This section contains information in an attempt to answer many of the questions you may have and to set forth a few of the modest rules we have about the Service of Holy Matrimony at SCC.


After reading this section:

  • Fill out our “Wedding Planning Form” and let us know about your plans
  • Please ask us about our selection of contemporary Wedding Ceremony Samples to start your planning.

The minister is also amenable to conducting ceremonies in OTHER LOCATIONS. Please feel free to share your ideas with him.

The most challenging part of setting a date in our local area is the availability of reception facilities. (Do note that  “Bates Hall” within our church is available through prior arrangement with the Board of Trustees).

As soon as possible, however, please take the following steps:

  1. Contact the church office. (Office hours 9 – noon, (781) 383-0345 Fax (781) 383-7005)
  2. Fill out and return the “Wedding Application” form available from the Church Office or online “Wedding Planning Form” here.
  3. Make an appointment with the minister. He/she will want to meet with the two of you for at least three informal sessions of pre-marital discussions to talk over details of the ceremony and share thoughts about commitment, understanding, and communication in marriage.

If organ music is desired, the organist of our church is expected to play at all sanctuary weddings. If you wish to have other types of music (recorded, ensembles, etc.) or a close friend or relative play the organ for your wedding, prior clearance must be made through our organist.

You will need to call him/her right away to confirm the wedding and rehearsal dates and times and, if applicable, schedule a meeting to discuss music selection and other details.

SOLOISTS are welcome and you may make personal suggestions to the organist.

ORGANIST – call church for references.

You will need to arrange for a photographer as well.
Flash pictures may be taken of the processional and recessional from the main floor.
However, during the spoken ceremony itself, only non-flash pictures may be taken and ONLY from the back or the balcony. We can re-stage immediately after the guests have departed.

Video recording is permissible, but again, attended cameras must be placed in the back of the sanctuary or the balcony. An unattended camera may be placed unobtrusively in the choir loft.

Selecting a florist is also up to the couple.
Arrangements must be made with us for delivery times and key.
The church provides the candles for the two altar and two floor-standing seven-branch candelabra.

For evening weddings, we also have available six three-candle pew-end stands (18 candles). You will need to buy these “dripless” candles (6″- 8″), either from your florist or a candle shop.

An aisle cloth, though seldom used in our sanctuary, can also be provided by your florist. The aisle is 45′ long.

Wedding programs can be printed in our office ($30 + paper), but printing arrangements (format, etc.) must be discussed well in advance.

Please Note: NO RICE is to be thrown either inside or outside the church. If necessary, birdseed may be thrown in the front driveway area.

A CHURCH COORDINATOR will be assigned for each wedding in our sanctuary.
Making contact with the bride and groom and working closely with the minister, the coordinator will help to ensure that the rehearsal and wedding proceed smoothly.