Flower Committee

Flower Committee

Flowers are a gift from God that bring happiness at times of joy and comfort in times of sorrow.

They also help to mark the two most important seasons in the Christian calendar: Christmas (poinsettias) and Easter (lilies). In addition to decorating the sanctuary during these important seasons, committee members have the great privilege of helping families to remember their loved ones through the gift of flowers. Families and individuals are able to donate a beautiful arrangement for any number of occasions – the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation or in memory of their chosen individual(s). The arrangement adorns the sanctuary during the weekly service and is highlighted in the church bulletin.

After the service, upon request of the donor, committee members will deliver the flowers to a shut-in or church member.

The committee is comprised of four individuals who serve for four years.   Committee members meet once per year, but are in frequent contact with each other via email and text.  Each member is responsible for: confirming flower donations for three months of the year, confirming the donor and wording in the bulletin, and carrying out what the donor would like to do with the flowers after the service.

If you would like to donate flowers any Sunday, you may do so by leaving a note in “contact us” tab, or by calling the church office.


Committee Members

Debbie Anderson
Judith Boucher
Beth Corry
Susan Willette