Deacon Committee

The word “Deacon” comes from the Greek word, “diakonos,” which means: “one who serves.”

The Deacons at SCC are called to be the eyes and ears and heart of the congregation, touching lives with God’s love through their concern, interest and service.

The Deacons, next to the Pastor, are responsible for the conduct of services and the supply of the pulpit, and provide for Holy Communion and aid in its administration.   In addition to assisting the Pastor with the weekly worship service, the Deacons help organize special events such as quarterly potlucks and barbecues, and conduct periodic parish “brainstorming sessions” which enable the congregation’s dreams and concerns for SCC to be heard in an open format with action taken on new projects as determined by the congregation.  The Deacons also support and encourage the work of these ad hoc committees: the Caring and Sharing team, and the Visitation Team.

Second Congregational Church by-laws state in part: “Deacons will assist the Pastor in the work of the church and the care of the parish, being especially mindful of members, newcomers, visitors and those in want and trouble, or in need of spiritual guidance and encouragement. The Deacons, next to the Pastor, shall be responsible for the conduct of the services and the supply of the pulpit, and shall provide for the Holy Communion and aid in its administration.”

The Board of Deacons meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Each Deacon also serves as a member of a Church Committee. Members of the congregation who wish to bring matters before the Board are welcome to contact the church administrator and request a place on the monthly agenda.


Committee Members

Susi Coley, Chairperson
Tana Carlson
Ruth Nedrow
Tina Cline
Wilma Vanderlugt
JoAnne Faust
George Baumgarten, Church Moderator
Michael Doherty
David Young
Herb Marsh
Doug Thompson