Outreach Committee

The obligation / mission of the Outreach Committee is to distribute a portion of the Church’s funds in an informed and compassionate manner to worthwhile causes and organizations outside of the Church.

The Outreach Committee’s budget is 8% of the Church’s budget.
  • The Outreach Committee is composed of five church members plus our minister.
  • The Outreach Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month (Sept. – June) at 7:30 pm.
  • A member of the Outreach Committee should attend the Church Committee Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm.
Church Offerings
The Outreach Committee determines the recipients of the Easter Special Offering and the Christmas Offering:
  1. Easter Offering – we receive 100% of the “Special” Offering
  2. Christmas Offering – we receive 50% of the total Christmas Offering. The Pastor receives the other 50% for his Minister’s Discretionary Fund.
Quarterly Donations
The Outreach Committee currently has a commitment of quarterly donations to the following seven organizations:
  1. Cohasset Elder Affairs ($1,000.00)
  2. DOVE ($1,000.00)
  3. Interfaith Social Services ($1,000.00)
  4. Lakota Kidz ($1,000.00)
  5. Louis D. Brown Peace Institute ($1,000.00)
  6. Wellspring ($1,000.00)
  7. Our Church’s Wider Mission ($3,000.00)
Financial Commitments
The Outreach Committee currently has financial commitments to the following three organizations:
  1. Father Bill’s Place
    We purchase, prepare and serve dinner on the first Saturday of each month. The team leaders are Connie Afshar, Linda Menard and Doug Yeager. Current costs average $200.00 per month.
  2. Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries (CMM)
    $500.00 annual dues
  3. Appalachia Service Project (ASP)
    We support every SCC church member participating in ASP. Yearly costs vary from $35.00 – $75.00 per person.

The Outreach Committee supports church members who participate in charity events (walks, plunges, etc.) $20.00 per person, per event, upon request.

Angel Tree
The Outreach Committee organizes the Angel Tree during the Christmas holidays. The Angel Tree offers the congregation the opportunity to support several worthy organizations. This year 200+ gifts were given by the congregation to: Cohasset Elder Affairs, Cohasset Food Pantry, Father Bill’s/Mainspring, Lakota Kidz, Louis D Brown Peace Institute, SPARK @ Boston Medical Center, and Wellspring.

Outreach Sunday
The Outreach Committee selects a representative of one of the church’s outreach beneficiaries to speak to the congregation.

The Outreach Committee appreciates the support and welcomes the input from the congregation of the Second Congregational Church of Cohasset.