At this time each year, we are asked to pledge what we might give the church over the ensuing year. As we consider our commitment, we are forced to prioritize our philanthropy (and perhaps our life’s mission) in both broad terms, as well as in dollars and cents. What’s the difference, we ask, between giving to our church and giving to other charitable organizations – health, welfare, or education? Is giving to our church just another act of generosity, or do we seek to express our gratitude for all God has given us in our lives?

In this season of Thanksgiving, we should feel incredibly grateful to have been part of the 2nd Congregational Church community this year – and it’s been an extraordinary year. We shared, celebrated, and supported one another through the passage of life – baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and end of life services for dear and beloved friends. We supported mission opportunities by donating and volunteering including the CASP youth trip to West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We came together in community fellowship to sing, eat, create art, and to just enjoy each other’s company. And we embarked on the New Beginnings process in order to have a candid discussion about our church’s true mission and purpose.

There are certainly costs associated with many of these activities, and that alone is reason to give. Yet we give money to 2nd Congo Church not just to balance a budget, but to express the compassion, generosity, and love that our Creator endowed in us. We give because when we come together in community, we are inspired and reminded to be the generous people that God intended us to be, and to live the life – as best we can – that Jesus patterned for us over 2000 years ago.

We give money, and also our time and talents, to our church both because of the gratitude for what we already have, and for what our church – and we as a community – aspire to be. And 2018, with our search for a settled pastor underway, promised to be an exciting year. Reflecting on this vision, and on the gratitude, we feel for God’s many gifts, let’s make this year’s stewardship a faith-based celebration! It is a celebration of what we already have, for sure, but also the resolve to keep moving forward, to build, to improve.

During our services, we heard testimonials from members of our congregation about why they give to 2nd Congo. We were grateful to hear their stories, give your own faith commitment some careful consideration, as you consider your commitment for next year.

Thank you for your loving and prayerful support of our church.

Blessings to all!
Pastor David

PS. We have certainly enjoyed & appreciated Bill Ketchum as our Christian Education Director, for his insights & warm style with our church family. A warm welcome also to his joyful and supportive wife, Debbie. They are gifts to our church family!

I would also like to personally thank Kristin Voldan for her extra energy & spirit over the summer in searching for our new Christian Education Director. Great Job!