Exciting News!

This is in addition to his role as CE Director. He will be planning and teaching lessons for all grade levels, as well as dividing his time between the two classes from week to week. Volunteers are still needed to aid and assist on Sundays during class. For those interested- simply come to Sunday School!

On a recent cold Sunday morning the children of Second Congregational went on a quest. The reason for the search was to help the kids learn about Epiphany. I was attempting to explain the story of the three wise men following a star for twelve days which led them to Baby Jesus by going on our own journey.

We went room to room searching for something and you may have heard the giggles when we were, at times, close to the sanctuary. The kids noticed, for example, that all the pictures of former ministers were male. “No girls, but one is coming.” They found a missing bracelet of a classmate and Penny explained the story of Noah’s Arc on the wall in the library. They were also surprised to see a TV in the nursery of what was going on in the sanctuary.

My belief that Christian Education is like a bridge in the church came when we went to see Phil Lehr working the camera for the filming of the worship service. Zoey said “Mr. Lehr, I know Ms. Lehr she is my teacher at school she must be your wife.” “No” Phil replied, “she is my daughter.” Zoey paused, nodded her head and they talked about Ms. Lehr the teacher/daughter. Nelson was later able to give Diane Dooley the bracelet her grand-daughter Sophia lost.

I believe these seemingly minor connections are threads that connect the generations of the church together. What more is Christian Education than connecting the stories and lives of the different generations of the church? So, you may see the youth of the church searching for a guiding star and don’t be surprised if that star is you.

Beginning the first of February, if you are not able to attend Sunday School in person, you may stay current on lessons by going to our Children’s Program page, and click on notes and resources area to download current lesson!