Youth Group

Pastor Bill Ketchum News:

Christian Education has been preparing for the season of Lent and Easter by being focused on rituals and sacraments of the church. We learned about communion by baking bread and we were able to watch how communion is practiced in our church by watching it on the...

Pastor Bill Ketchum will serve as our Youth Director!

Exciting News! This is in addition to his role as CE Director. He will be planning and teaching lessons for all grade levels, as well as dividing his time between the two classes from week to week. Volunteers are still needed to aid and assist on Sundays during class....

Christian Education has focused on prayers the past few weeks

We have been reading and discussing the 23rd Psalm, The Lord's Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount. We touched upon the meaning of Reformation Sunday and Martin Luther while the middle school group continued their study of the Prophets. We are coming to a busy time for...

Youth Group Lessons

Lesson Plan:  February 11, 2018
Lesson Plan:  February 4, 2018
Youth Group members stay in church with family.
Lesson Plan: January 21, 2018